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There are many reasons that our customers choose to have their property power washed but here are just some of the reasons that you may be facing as well.

Why to Power Wash?

If you are going to sell your home you certainly want it to look great from the street and up close. Just about everyone washes their car before they sell it. Why wouldn't you wash your home that is worth so much more. Cleaning the house, roof, walkways, deck, patio, retaining walls, gazebo, pool surround, etc. can make all the difference in your house selling or just sitting there for weeks or months competing with everyone else.

The house used to be beautiful before it got so dirty, moldy or covered with algae.

Parties. Graduation, Birthdays, Holidays, Family Reunions, Pool parties, Cookouts, etc...

Regular maintenance. You vacuum the carpets, dust, clean the bathrooms, cut the grass, weed the garden, and keep the outside of the home washed to protect your investment and  keep it looking great!

Who wants to track mold into the house from the front porch, sidewalk, deck, or stairs?

Keeping your painted areas clean will allow the paint to last longer, and painting cost a lot more than washing. 

In today's economic situation, many families are deciding to stay home instead of traveling or going out to dinner or entertainment. Putting your money back into your largest investment makes sense, besides who wants to stay home and look at a dirty deck, house, chimney, patio, or roof?

How to get paid for washing your house before you sell!

If you want to sell your home but it needs to be washed to improve it’s curb appeal, here is a great way to not only get it done for free but get paid to have it done.

You find out what your home is worth, let us use $400,000.00 as an example. We all know that you would list it competitively at three hundred-something-thousand dollars.  If you chose $393,500.00 as your asking price and then spent $250.00 - $1500.00 to have your home, or deck, or roof, or patio, or all of them washed and then made your asking price $396,000.00, don’t you think that your home would definitely seem like it was worth the extra $2500.00 in asking price?  Besides, you are still $4000.00 under your home’s value.

In Other (Less) Words:

• Home for sale valued at $400,000.00
• Competitive pricing at $393,500.00
• Needs washing $250.00 - $1500.00 (house, deck, roof, patio, or all)
• New competitive pricing at $396,000.00
• Make $1000.00 - $2250.00 more than trying to sell a dirty home for $393,500.00 and you are still $4000.00 under the going value!

Now you have the extra money you will need to have your new home washed, deck stained, etc. this year or next!

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